Rochelle Fox : Bikini Obsessed

When Rochelle reached out to Jaymes Swimwear on her recent trip to the Gold Coast i was thrilled! She is just the perfect fit for my swimwear; I love her gypsy lifestyle, obsession for bikini’s and zest for life. Check out her shoot wearing nothing but a big smile and our limited edition Carmella One Piece.


Check out Rochelle’s blog on style, beauty, travel and just everything you want to know!

Am I bikini obsessed? Maybe quite possibly, wait, who am I kidding, yes.

I think when I visualised my ideal life around 3 years ago, I wanted a life that involved getting paid to travel, going to the beach lots and having an overflowing bikini collection. I’m always my happiest by the beach and on the water, so I’ve based my life and travel plans around being beachside so to speak. Plus i’m lucky that I’ve managed to manifest calling my growing swimwear collection ‘work’, which makes me feel less guilty when shooting a bunch of photos of pieces like this limited edition Jaymes Swimwear number. I’m a sucker for anything interesting when it comes to swimwear, triangle swim sets are a staple of course, but pieces like this one from Jaymes Swimwear  just make the creative part of me so excited because I love it when anyone designs something outside of the box that makes people stop, stare and think ‘wow that’s different’. The back of this piece has to be my favourite, it’s almost corset like with the criss-cross ties and the look is carried on in the front with black tie that pulls you in, just at the right spot (perfect for if you’ve had a big lunch haha)

I know some people never stray away from simple tan line friendly bikinis, but I just can’t help but get experimental. Swimwear is my addiction.

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