A weekend in Barcelona

Since we are living in France why not take advantage of being able to drive to a whole new country! Kayne had the weekend off from Footy so we booked two nights accommodation from the app Hotel Tonight in the city of Barcelona.

It’s only a 3 hour drive from where we are so we left early Friday morning and made a stop at this amazing shopping place we had heard of from friends called La Roca. We enjoyed some mocha’s and did a bit of our Christmas shopping for each other, it’s so beautifully decorated at Christmas.

Lar Roca

jamieallen-kaynelawton-laroca jamieallen-kaynelawton-larocashopping3 jamieallen-kaynelawton-larocashopping jamieallen-kaynelawton-larocashopping2


We stayed at a boutique hotel just outside of the busy city, modern artsy decor and really friendly helpful service. It was called Eric Vokel Boutique Hotel i would highly recommend it if you want to stay in a quiet place. Next time i think we will stay towards the port, it had a lot more going on there. Overall it was the prettiest city we’ve been to so far, now i know why everyone raves on about it! It’s just crazy, so much to see and so much to do. I loved every moment with Kayne, i’m so lucky we can get these weekends away and enjoy the cultures of different countries. The people in Barcelona are just beautiful, a truly amazing experience i’m finding hard to put in words.

Highly recommend:

Maka Maka Burger – The absolute best burgers ever!! With the parmesan cheese fries omg you will die! We went back twice it was so tasty, the staff there are so nice as well. It doesn’t open until about lunchtime until late at night as it serves cocktails as well.

City hotel restaurant stumbled across this one on our first night, healthy wholesome food, really pretty decor ( i only like restaurants that look pretty ) and surprisingly cheap! It’s not in the main street of Barcelona but if you’re staying on the outskirts then check it out. I got the menu which is an entree, main and desert and it was hands down the best chocolate dessert I’ve ever had. I had to share it with Kayne as well… 




Highly recommend:

Barcelona City Tour – Pay for a day ticket about $27 Euros each and sit on the roof top of the bus, it was the best way to see the city. You can get off at any stop, the buses come every 10-15 mins on each stop. Our jaws were dropping everywhere we went, such an amazing city!

La Rambla-  Go to the food markets they have freshly squeezed juices, cheese, fruits, meat and good vibes! The streets also have all the stalls lined up with hand made gifts. I bought some cute handmade leather purses, you could just sit and people watch all day. The amazing shopping is all around there also.


jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona5 jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-citytour
Places to see: We didn’t have time to see the entire city but these are the places that stood out.

Museu Nacional D’art De Catalunya

Sagrada Familia

Park Guell

Casa Batllo

jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-museu nacional d'art de catalunya jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-museu nacional d'art de catalunya2 jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-museu nacional d'art de catalunya3 jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona8 jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-sagrada familia jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-sagrada familia2jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-outfit jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona-parkguell jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona3 jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona2 jamieallen-kaynelawton-barcelona

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