Fit in France

Staying fit in France is not easy! After travelling & eating nutella crepes, pastries, deserts and hot chips i can feel my summer body slipping.

It’s hard to stay motivated when it’s Autumn and you’re wearing layers of clothes, but after working out again its that feeling that makes me stay focused. I think clearer, I feel energised & not sluggish and i get to discover the pretty streets as i do it! Its so weird i never see anyone exercising here… People started smiling at us as if we were a circus act haha.
Kayne put me through a quick killer cardio sesh to get the blood flowing and my booty popping again!

4 Rounds

20 x jump squats
20 x walking lunges
30 second wall holds
20 x sumo squats
1 x stair sprint

Try it! I did this the other day at home as well but without the sprints and a few other exercises but you will be sore and puffed!

I’m getting back to my normal eating plan too, the food is so beautiful and fresh here. Go to for his perosnalised meal plans xxx


Rockwear black mesh detail tights / Pink Crop / Singlet /





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