Chasing Waterfalls

One of my favourite things to do is explore new places, especially waterfalls! It’s just so peaceful and relaxing out there, takes me away from the computer, it’s a great soul cleanser!

Me and my bestie Tash drove to Twin Falls out at Springbook ( gold coast hinterland ) and trekked down to the waterfalls. You will walk through mossy dark caves taking you to some beautiful rock pools, this is where we went swimming , the water was pretty cold! Make sure you take a dip when you go, its so refreshing!
Around the corner was the huge twin falls, they are honestly breathtaking. A rainbow even appeared at the bottom of it!

Make a day to go to this stunning place, there is some cute cafes along the way, we had a warm pumpkin soup at one on the way back, was delish!

Tash wears – Barefoot pant
I wore my new Purity Bikini
Twin Falls / Springbrook

  Twin Falls - Jaymesblog

Twins Falls - Jaymesblog 11



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