It was a last minute decision to shoot this new pant, I had it made the day before and didn’t have a model lined up. So I bought a new lens to shoot with and grabbed my boyfriend on the Saturday evening, rushed down to our local beach searching for a secluded spot to capture as many photos as possible before the sun went down.

The sunset was so beautiful with rays of orange and pink. I ended up getting splashed in the shore and just had to go swimming, the water was like a bath!

I made sure I brought my lack of color straw hat with me and just a white tee I picked up, emphasizing the effotless nature of the new Barefoot pant.

These are by far my favourite style of pant! I feel super sexy and confident, and maybe they make my butt look a bit rounder? Haha or the gym is paying off I’m not sure but I love them! Might have to bring them out in more colours…any suggestions?

Hope you love what we created, I love when Kayne takes the photos, I feel so much more relaxed and confident. We grabbed takeaway pizza after and relaxed. Fun Saturday!

 Barefoot pant
Nomad Top
Bilinga Beach / Australia
Lack of Colors Hat



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