Let Us Wander Interview


Bikinis, Beaches and Bronzed Bods with Jamie Allen

 “The best things happen off the cuff. Be spontaneous, don’t say no to anything and don’t be afraid to do things you wouldn’t usually do back home” 


That was the travel advice Jamie Allen was given before she made her way around the world sourcing inspiration for her successfully growing swimwear label, Jaymes Swimwear. Growing up in a small beach town on Australia’s east coast, Jamie started designing and creating swimwear with her Nan when she was sixteen years old. Today, Jaymes Swimwear is recognised as creating uniquely designed bikinis that accentuate the womanly body through eccentric and aesthetically appealing patterns. All you have to do is scroll through the @jaymesswimwear instagram feed to fall in love (or die with envy) over the exotic locations, bronzed bikini-bod babes and nomadic, carefree lifestyle of jaymesswimwear. Channelling the essence of a real-life mermaid, letuswander caught up with the laidback beach babe to chat all things travel, her love of being outdoors and where we’ll see Jaymes swimwear heading in 2015.


First thing first, where’s your favourite travel destination?

My favourite place so far would have to be Hawaii; being a swimwear designer I love beautiful beaches, warm weather and turquoise water! I could stay in the water all day floating around, drinking cocktails and adventuring. Hawaii was just so beautiful and in some places felt untouched. I also love the Hawaiians, they are so lovely!

Where do you see yourself travelling to in the next 12 months?

This year I plan to go to Bali again for a working holiday, Thailand, the Philippians and America again!

The best travel advice you have been given?

The best things happen off the cuff. Be spontaneous, don’t say no to anything and don’t be afraid to do things you wouldn’t usually do back home.


Beach or Snow, City or Country, Road trip or fly, planner or book as you go? 

I am a huge beach lover, anywhere there is a beautiful beach with few people I am so happy! Country over city, I love horse riding and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, whilst travelling I’m usually not stylish enough for the city, heels and my hair done is all a bit hard. I do love road trips because you can go where you want when you want, but not keen on driving for over 10 hours in the desert or boring drives where you can’t stop.

What are the 5 must-have items that you always pack?

Bikini’s! Face wipes, Victoria secret perfume, Michael Kors sandals (so comfy) , my long sleeve white cotton shirt with black leather shorts.

Where do you get your travel inspiration?

Probably a lot from Instagram, if I see something I love then I always screen shot it so I remember.

Best photo you have taken while travelling?

Well I didn’t take it but I did an amazing shoot out at Palm Springs in the desert on sunset. The images were stunning!


What’s on the top of your bucket list as we speak?

I need to go to Greece, Turkey and the cenotes in Mexico.

Is there any destinations that have inspired your collections or upcoming collections? 

For my Gypsy Soul collection I was inspired by Gypsy One (Jenah Yamamoto) who lives in Hawaii, her images of waterfalls and surroundings were so earthy and exactly how I seen my customers wearing them (adventuring through Hawaii). Because I’ve been there, I was loving the olive green colour and envisioned wearing the henna print earthy tones discovering waterfalls and really living that carefree gypsy life.


 If you could pick any city in the world to live in where would it?

I would love to try living in New York, just because I love the stylish homes and I’d love to eat at all of the different cafes (food lover).

What’s your travel mantra? 

Be a yes man.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

I plan to launch some really cute cover-ups this season to match back with my bikinis! Also bringing out a bikini a month! My customers always love something new so it’s a great way to keep ahead and different from everyone else.


Blog: http://letuswander.com/

letuswander x

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