Booty Tips by Ashy Bines

I had the privilege of shooting beautiful Ashy Bines in our latest collection ” Gypsy Soul” at Fingal beach on a stormy late afternoon. Ashy has always been a great supporter of Jaymes, from parading in our Desert Sky’s launch at Komune Beach Club and wearing our 2010 collection bikini’s in numerous competitions and photoshoots, it was only fitting to shoot her hot booty in our cheeky bikini’s! Through her years of climbing the ladder of success, Ashy has always stayed so humble and down to earth, i love these qualities about her and had so much fun shooting her curvy fit figure in our new collection. She even made me strip down to my bikini’s and shoot with her in the freezing water!

Ashy has just released her 28 day booty challenge ebook, a detailed 28 day exercise plan with full videos + a clean eating plan and specific techniques that target cellulite!

Every girl wants to feel confident in bikini’s, so I decided to ask Ashy some questions that help answer those bikini body issues + the inside scoop on how she does it.

Hope you love xo

What’s your favourite Jaymes bikini and why? 

I’m in LOVE with the new Gypsy life one-piece, I’ve never found one pieces sexy but this one I felt SOOO incredibly sexy and feminine!!

Tell us the best overall work out to achieve that bikini body of yours?

That’s a tough one, I wouldn’t say one particular workout but if your strapped for time and want an all over body workout, I would do a 20 minute high intensity interval session. I also make sure I walk every single day on an empty tummy in the morning, as it starts my day off on the right food plus blasts fat away!!

Ashy Bines - Gypsy Life One Piece

You’ve just launched your new 28 day booty challenge program, what do you think is the best workout to get that round peachy butt?  

My all time FAV exercise for sculpting and lifting your booty, is weighted walking lunges and stiff legged dead lifts! Of course squats but those two are my personal favs where I really feel the burn!

Cellulite!!! We all hate it and most of us have it! What’s your secret on how to get rid of it?

It comes down to a few things, genetics can play a role but I don’t ever like to use that as an excuse or reason for girls not to work hard to eliminate it. Personally, I think it comes down to excess body fat ( so not eating a clean balanced diet ), not having lean muscle mass and toxins in our bodies. Also not drinking enough water can play a huge role . First steps is get in the weights room, drink a min 3L of water a day and look at the chemicals and toxins your putting into your body, this includes anything artificial, even plastic water bottles!

Ashy Bines - Spirit cheeky pant

Being a healthy role model in the fitness industry, How do you stay so motivated?  

There are some days where I’m not as motivated as others, but for me this is a lifestyle not just some quick fix. I live a very balanced lifestyle but also very busy, so I know if I eat crap I’ll feel crap and then my work won’t flow and my training won’t be done to my full potential, basically everything starts to fall apart. I want the best for my life and that means health and balance. I ,like majority of girls love to stalk down some babes on Instagram to give me that extra motivation to push harder at my sessions 😉

What’s your all-time favourite meal?

Healthy : Roast veggies and lamb  – Not so “ clean” chicken parmi and cold rock ice cream

Ashy Bines - Spirit bikini - Jaymes Swimwear

What’s a day in the life of Ashy bines like?

Kiss my hubby, a massive glass of water, my FBW with my dog sccoby, small snack, train then shower and into my office at home. Ends with a healthy dinner, snuggles and TV series with my hubby!

What are your goals for the near future? 

Keep supporting my girls in my programs, my amazing team, friends and family to be their best and achieve amazing things. Start a family and continue to stay true to who I am 🙂 I don’t have any big mile stones and am very happy of where my life is and going. I feel I’ve done so much the last few years, so I’m happy to keep on putting energy into what we have already created to change the world 😉

Ashy Bines - Jaymes Swimwear

How do you handle being constantly criticised for everything you do?

I know who I am and why I do what I do, what others say or think of me is none of my business really, a lot of the time it’s a true reflection of them and not me. When people say nasty things it means they are not in a happy place themselves and I genuinely feel sorry for them. I don’t have time to be putting others down and I want to empower and uplift women not tear them down , so anyone who is doing the tearing are not in a happy place and I wish them all the best and truly hope they find true love and happiness ASAP!

What is your favourite travel destination

Bali and the Maldives –Its so chilled and relaxing, anywhere with the ocean is amazing for me. Bali also covers incredible food, a social vibe and shopping!

Ashy Bines - Jaymes Swimwear

You can view our full shoot with Ashy Bines in ‘ Girls in Jaymes ‘
Check our Ashy’s 28 day booty transformation

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