The Strawberry Girl

You’ve got a bigger bust that needs support, narrow hips and skinny pins. All you need to worry about is finding the right tops for support and some cute bottoms to help balance out your top-heavy figure. Too easy! Here’s a few tips on how to flatter your strawberry figure:


– Wear supportive halter tops, or anything with under-wire.

– Bottoms that are wider on the sides are great for balancing out your top half.

– Bottoms with frills are flattering on you as they will accentuate your hips.

– Stick to Brazilian cut bottoms girls – you may not have a big booty but a Brazilian cut will give you one!


– Avoid tops with large frills and ruffles as this will make your bust look bigger.

– String sides will make your hips look more narrow and will therefore emphasis your top-heavy figure. Wider sides are great for balancing out your hips with your bust.


Strawberry figured celebrities

Jaymes Bikinis for a strawberry figure
After seeing our styles on many body shapes, we’ve put a few of our favourite bikini combos together that have worked well for larger busted figures. All girls have different preferences of coverage and styles so here are some tips and tricks on buying the right Jaymes bikini for you! Remember, there are more Jaymes bikinis that will suit you – these are just a few:

1. Goddess top / Rose Cheeky Pant

Addicted Bra Top  / Can’t live without Cheeky Pant

3. Wanderlust Bra top / Wanderlust pant

4. Fantasy Bra Top / Iris Cheeky Pant

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