The Hourglass Girl

You’ve got curves in all the right places! An hourglass figure just means your bust and hips are generally the same width with a small defined waist and sometimes a big booty! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 6 or a size 12, you can still have an hourglass figure. The best advice we can give you is to show those sexy curves off! Here’s a few tips to help flatter your hourglass figure:


– Soft tie sides and narrow waist bands will flatter your hips – the thinner the sides the better! As long as they don’t dig in. This gives less emphasis on your hips. HOT TIP: Slightly pull the sides up on your bikini’s to elongate your legs; this gives your stomach area a nicer shape and follows the natural curves of your body.

– Wear supportive tops and stick to simple styles; a curvy figure has got enough going on, on it’s own. You can wear most shaped tops, it just depends on how much support your bust needs.

– Your butt… ruching up the back of your bikini bottom is super flattering!


– Avoid big ruffles and frills on your top and sides of your bikini bottoms; it can make you look frumpy by over accentuating your curves.

– Boylegs or bottoms with large thick sides draws emphasis on your hips; it can widen your shape and make you look bottom heavy.

– For your butt girls… if you’re a true Jaymes girl you won’t wear full cuts. Just so you know why… you might think that full cuts are great because they cover everything – they will cover everything but they also make your butt look wide and flat. Now days it’s all about showing off your big booty; don’t hide it and flatten it! Just give it the right shape bikini to make it sit up nice and perky. Nothing worse than a saggy pancake pant!

Hourglass figured celebrities
Notice they like the tie sides? They know what styles work for them i.e. you will always see Kim K in a tie side or narrow side bikini.


Jaymes Girls with an hourglass figure
Jessie has a beautiful hourglass figure with her hips and bust being a similar size, hips measuring 88cm and Bust 85cm 10DD. Jessie wears size 8 bottoms and 10 tops in Jaymes. Click the image to check out her full shoot.


1. Wanderlust Bra Top 10 / Worship Pant 10

2. Heated Top 10 / Heated Pant 10

3. Fantasy Bra top 10 / Citrus Pant 8

4. Addicted Bra Top 10 / Skimpy Pant 8

Jaymes Bikinis for an hourglass figure
After seeing our styles on many different body shapes, we’ve put a few of our favourite bikini combos together that have worked well for hourglass figures. All girls have different preferences of coverage and styles so here are some tips and tricks on buying the right Jaymes bikini for you! Remember, there are more Jaymes bikinis that will suit you – these are just a few:


1. Heated Top / Heated Pant

2 Flowerchild Top / Petal Pant

3. Wanderlust top / Worship Pant

4. Citrus Top / Citrus Pant


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