Leila x Jaymes Swimwear

I receive countless messages / emails asking if my swimwear fits/ supports larger bust sizes. When I design my new collections I have all women in mind, everyone has different shapes and sizes and I like to make as many women as I can feel beautiful whilst wearing a bikini. You’ll find that most of Jaymes Swimwear tops are adjustable at the back, this is so they can fit larger busts and be able to adjust to a smaller back by simply tying it tighter. With a growing demand for tops to fit larger busts I knew I had to show my customers that they can wear my swimwear! Leila from @singlemumdiaries is a BLOGGER, MUMMA, STYLIST on the Gold Coast and my model for the afternoon, as well as her gorgeous little blue eyed girl Ever!


Philippines Travel Diary

I wanted to go somewhere tropical, hot and less crowded for Kayne‘s birthday. We hadn’t travelled outside of Australia in over 6 months! For me travel is far greater than material things, so Kayne’s birthday was a great excuse to escape the Aussie winter and enjoy a beautiful getaway together. The stunning tropical landscape also needed to be the perfect location to shoot the campaign for my latest limited edition Jaymes Swimwear collection… launching soon. (more…)

A change is just what i needed!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of messages on Instagram from girls asking me about my workouts, how I stay motivated and how I find confidence within myself. To be honest, in late 2016 I was going through a stage where I wasn’t excited to go to the gym, couldn’t complete a full hour of working out without feeling exhausted and was lacking some serious motivation.


My Bikini Picks

When i designed the Lost in Marrakech Collection i wanted girls to be able to choose the styles that suited their body shape the most and still have them match. Because i’m literally wearing a bikini most days i always mix and match so i wanted to show you my must have styles that look amazing together! Most of the collection is reversible so you can get a few different looks out of the one bikini.


A day with the girls

I recently launched my latest limited-edition bikini collection: Lost In Marrakech. I spent majority of last year travelling Europe with my man and Morocco was definitely the place that inspired me the most.  The rich culture, earthy tones and the amazing decor are what directly inspired my prints and colour palette. Keeping my Brazilian style bikini bottoms, signature cheeky pants  and best selling tops i think this collection is my best to date! Of course hand made with love in Australia as always. (more…)

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

Our last stop was the beautiful Mykonos before heading back home to Australia. After travelling for over two months, a few big nights partying we had begun to get a little run down and sick. So we couldn’t wait to just get off the ferry from IOS and check into our hotel Cavo Tagoo.